What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional eating is a pattern where individuals eat in response to their feelings, especially when not physically hungry.

 It's a common coping mechanism for managing negative emotions like stress, boredom, or sadness.

Recognizing emotional eating can be the first step towards developing healthier eating habits.

Here are 7 signs that may indicate you are an emotional eater: 

7 Signs That May Indicate You Are An Emotional Eater: 

1. Eating in Response to Emotions:

If you find yourself eating when you are stressed, anxious, or down, even if you're not physically hungry, this is a classic sign of emotional eating.   

2. Cravings for Specific Foods:

Emotional eaters often crave comfort foods, which are usually high in sugar, fat, or both, rather than healthier food options.   

3. Eating Beyond Fullness:

You may continue to eat past the point of being comfortably full because the eating is driven by emotion rather than hunger. 

4. Feelings of Guilt or Shame After Eating:

Emotional eating can lead to feelings of guilt or shame, which can create a cycle of eating to suppress these negative emotions. 

 5. Eating Alone or in Secret:

If you find yourself hiding your eating habits from others or eating in secret, it might be a sign that you're eating in response to emotions. 

6. Food as a Reward:

Using food as a reward or to celebrate can also be a form of emotional eating if it's your primary way of coping with emotions.  

7. Changes in Appetite in Response to Emotional States:

Noticeable changes in appetite during periods of heightened emotion can be a sign of emotional eating.   

If you identify with these signs, you are at the right place.

In our group and individual programs, we work with you to develop strategies to cope with emotions in ways that don't involve food, and help you establish a healthier relationship with eating.

Remember, emotional eating is a common behavior and recognizing it is a positive first step towards change. 

About the Author Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine is a German-trained physician and naturopath, living in Canada since 1996.
She has struggled with her own weight all her life and gained and lost weight, until in 2005 she ended up at 325 lbs,
Unhappy, unfit and prediabetic, she decided to change. With surgery as her tool, she lost 150 lbs in 2006/7, only to discover that to keep her weight off and become truly confident and happy, she had to change her whole lifestyle.
Applying all she know and learned to herself, she did so.
She has kept most of her weight off since then.
After adding the right supplements, she developed, practiced and used her own brand of meditative movement (IIM-Intentional, Intuitive Movement), a combination of functional fitness, Body-awareness and Tai Chi.
She did intensive work on her own mindset and negative thoughts and became a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist with Dr. Joseph McClendon PhD, a certified TEAM therapy therapist with Dr. David Burns MD as as well as a Certified Brain Health Professional with Dr. Daniel Amen MD and a Certified Havening Practitioner® (Drs Ronald and Steven Ruden) (Havening is a psychosensory method developed from EFT and EMDR after neuroscience research showed that including Havening Touch made these processes even more effective).
She curated the support she needed, did research on nutrition and nutritional supplements and started to use the right nutritional supplements.
She developed her mindful way of eating "foods you love that love you back" - what she now calls IIE (Intuitive, Intentional Eating) and became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Life Coach.
This "Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation" also healed her severe chronic mental illness and depression, allowed her to slowly and deliberately withdraw from all pharmaceutical drugs and medications, and the IIM movement art, Tai Chi practice, Chiropractic care and doing the Foundation exercises healed her chronic back pain.
Eventually, she experienced the healing and reconnection of her Body, Mind and Soul that she - like so many of us - desire.
After regaining her own health and rehabilitating her brain health, she now is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with others.
She is a #1 bestselling author, TEDx speaker and loving human being.
In her private life, she experienced the suicide of her first husband, 2 own suicide attempts, and many hospital stays and contacts with our medical system. She is married to her Canadian Husband Mike for over 25 years, and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, enjoying the East Coast music and the ocean.

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