[The dirty little poop secret revealed] - How to turn sh... to success

How taking these 3 nutrients that address the root causes of obesity can heal your gut and keep your weight off long-term. 

I often get asked how I managed to keep the 150 lbs that I lost in 2006/7 off until now. As you know, over 90% of dieters regain most or all of their weight and then some... 

So, what made it possible for me to do the impossible? 

Lasting weight loss success gut health 3 nutrients can heal your gut

It took me a lot of research, failures and trial and errors before I narrowed it down to the 3 main factors that I credit for this unusual achievement. 

And today, for the first time outside of my high-ticket weight loss and emotional health coaching programs, I am sharing with you the exact 3 key nutrient factors that were responsible for my success and why they can be crucial for your long-term success, too. 

They are part of my “Gut Restoration Protocol” that is part of all my weight loss and mental health programs, because the gut, as our second brain is really responsible for 90% of how we feel, how we act and of course, how much we weigh... 

I stumbled across this secret when I was still 325 lbs and very depressed. As an emotional eater, I ate because I felt stressed, sad, upset, anxious or just bored. 

Any negative feeling that I didn’t want to feel, I buried in food. 

Most "effective" for emotional eating, of course, as you probably know from your own experience, are sugary foods like candy, ice cream, cake, cookies and such as well as salty snacks like chips. 

Then one day, I read an article written by one of the main players in the food industry. It talked about how they meticulously research their products with focus groups to make them taste better so they can sell more to the end consumer. 

End consumer – that is me – and it is you!  

This affected me, so, curious as I am, I dug into the science of food engineering. Just read this article to see that it is true.

They invent fancy names for this, too. Did you know that they call chewing food “oral processing”? Sounds more scientific, right? 

Did you know that fast food companies invest millions of $$$ on “food engineering”  

This gets me still angry when I think about, and actually, I just started writing a really fascinating report for my followers, called  

Battlefield Gut: The war for your mind and waistline – who is winning?”  

Where I’ll walk you through how big food and big pharma is influencing us behind your back and stealthily winning the war for your family's food dollars – and ruining your mental and physical health for their profit in the process. 

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And as I mentioned in the beginning, the war on your waistline and mind takes place in the dark – deep inside you - in your gut. 

And only there can we win this “shitty” battle. 

So, what are the 3 key nutrients that helped me to win this battle? 

Of course there are more than those 3 that all come together.

But the key nutrients are: 

1. Detoxifying Agents : 

These are supplements that support our innate detoxification systems, the liver, gut, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs and the skin.

My favorite here is NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine), a building block of glutathione, an enzyme needed to support detoxification and excretion of most toxins that are either by-products of our own metabolism and digestion or brought in from our environment.

Detoxifying or “cleaning” products help to reduce pathogens (disease producing microbes) and prepares the gut for the restoration phase, the introduction of beneficial microbes, called probiotics.

Click here to learn about a good combination product, that contains NAC as well as other cellular and detoxification support nutrients. 

2. Pre-biotics and Probiotics:

These are supplements that help to restore and retain a healthy gut flora or gut microbiome.

Newer research has proven that our microbiome regulates hormones, appetite, mood and many other functions.

The way our gut microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses and others) work together with our genetic makeup and immune system, nervous system, brain and body metabolism to determine our weight setpoint, metabolic rate, mental acuity, immune and inflammation response and much more.  

Probiotics are beneficial microbes itself, whereas pre-biotics are substances that help the beneficial microbes thrive and survive.  

I recommend a combination of proven helpful microorganisms that work together to reduce inflammation and aim to restore a healthy microbiome.

Click here to see a product I like as it is easily drinkable, tastes good and works well.

3. Gap Fillers: 

Nutritional supplements that fill the “gap” between what we need and what we get through food intake (eating), assimilation, digestion and absorption of food.

We know that our modern foods through the depletion of soils and the use of agricultural toxins and selective breeding of better looking and more shelf-stable foods that are much nutrient dense are much less nutritious than in the past.

At the same time, the introduction of highly processed and modified food stuffs has led to widespread malnutrition.

And maybe, you will feel surprised to learn that obesity is really just one form of malnutrition.  

Click here to learn about one of my favorite products to replenish missing nutrients.

Depending on your individual situation, you may want to add other nutrients in the context of creating your personal “nutrient symphony”. I have written about this here.  

 Are you interested to get my gut restoration protocol as soon as the course is ready?

 If so, click here to email me and get on the waitlist for my proprietary “Gut Restoration Protocol” here 

About the Author Dr. Christine Sauer

Dr. Christine is a German-trained physician and naturopath, living in Canada since 1996.
She has struggled with her own weight all her life and gained and lost weight, until in 2005 she ended up at 325 lbs,
Unhappy, unfit and prediabetic, she decided to change. With surgery as her tool, she lost 150 lbs in 2006/7, only to discover that to keep her weight off and become truly confident and happy, she had to change her whole lifestyle.
Applying all she know and learned to herself, she did so.
She has kept most of her weight off since then.
After adding the right supplements, she developed, practiced and used her own brand of meditative movement (IIM-Intentional, Intuitive Movement), a combination of functional fitness, Body-awareness and Tai Chi.
She did intensive work on her own mindset and negative thoughts and became a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist with Dr. Joseph McClendon PhD, a certified TEAM therapy therapist with Dr. David Burns MD as as well as a Certified Brain Health Professional with Dr. Daniel Amen MD and a Certified Havening Practitioner® (Drs Ronald and Steven Ruden) (Havening is a psychosensory method developed from EFT and EMDR after neuroscience research showed that including Havening Touch made these processes even more effective).
She curated the support she needed, did research on nutrition and nutritional supplements and started to use the right nutritional supplements.
She developed her mindful way of eating "foods you love that love you back" - what she now calls IIE (Intuitive, Intentional Eating) and became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Life Coach.
This "Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation" also healed her severe chronic mental illness and depression, allowed her to slowly and deliberately withdraw from all pharmaceutical drugs and medications, and the IIM movement art, Tai Chi practice, Chiropractic care and doing the Foundation exercises healed her chronic back pain.
Eventually, she experienced the healing and reconnection of her Body, Mind and Soul that she - like so many of us - desire.
After regaining her own health and rehabilitating her brain health, she now is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with others.
She is a #1 bestselling author, TEDx speaker and loving human being.
In her private life, she experienced the suicide of her first husband, 2 own suicide attempts, and many hospital stays and contacts with our medical system. She is married to her Canadian Husband Mike for over 25 years, and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, enjoying the East Coast music and the ocean.

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