All About FUSION - the Novel holistic weight loss Method That Works

We Are In An Obesity Epidemic...

Close to 50% of the North American Population are overweight or obese. This predisposes them to multiple health issues from physical health issues like arthritis, diabetes, stomach issues and heart disease to mental health issues like depression, guilt and shame and social issues like isolation and stigma as well as financial issues like body shape discrimination at the workplace.  

Approaches to help obese people lose weight are many, most involve different ways to eat less foods or calories, restrict food choices or selection and some form of burning additional calories and energy like strenuous exercise. 

These approaches all work to lose weight in the short term. The dismal truth is, though, that over 90% of these dieters gain most or all the lost weight back within just one year. Many even pack on additional pounds, enter the losing-regaining cycle again and again and end up damaging their metabolism and health in the long term, sometimes more than if they had never started dieting in the first place. 

But why are so many people overweight or obese? Why is it so hard to lose weight and keep it off? 

Could the Novel FUSION Weight Loss Method Could End The Obesity Crisis?

We believe it could, if governments and healthcare systems worldwide would embrace it. 

But until that happens, it is up to you, the struggling overweight individual, to choose among the confusing multitude of weight loss methods and pick one to try.

Of course, we are partial.

Read below why we think that the FUSION Holistic Weight Loss Method is sorely needed, what exactly this Fusion Method for Lasting Weight Loss success it is and why the FUSION method works so well and is slated to be the weight loss method of the future.

Then decide for yourself whether you want to give it a try. We hope you will...

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Dr. Christine Sauer, MD ND

Founder - The Fusion Holistic Weight Loss Method 

Lost 150 lbs in 2006/7 and kept it off since then

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Why are people overweight? And why can't we just lose weight and keep it off? What really is the root cause of obesity and all the miseries that comes with it - and also as long-term consequences?

In this article we introduce our complete 5D holistic weight loss coaching program that can help you to break through your weight loss barriers and get into the best shape of your life, feeling great and to achieve a fulfilled, meaningful life, beaming with vibrant, radiant energy and lasting health and wellbeing.

We are convinced that this program is one of the best online holistic weight loss coaching programs currently available.

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The Root Causes of Chronic Obesity and Yoyo Dieting

I have written about the surprising 5D root causes of obesity here.

The fact, that 90% of people who try to lose weight fail to keep it off in the long term, combined with my own story of losing 150 lbs from 2005-2007 - and keeping most of it off until now (2024), my scientific and evidence-based research into the root causes of weight gain and obesity as well as my experience and success in helping people break through their mental roadblocks motivated me to put this novel holistic approach to weight loss together to help others struggling with similar issues.

This method, that I called the FUSION method for lasting weight loss - truly addresses all root causes of Obesity and allows any well-trained FUSION Health Coach  to solve them strategically.

Preliminary results have been very encouraging. So, this is why I am now offering this program to a wider audience in an attempt to improve more individuals' health in 5 dimensions and help them to feel great and get strong, fit and confident about their looks.

I identified 4 Pillars of Lasting Weight Loss: Mindset, Eating, Movement and Support.

Each Pillar is essential to lose weight fast - and make it last. 

Watch this video to see a high-level overview of what I mean.

Lasting Weight Loss needs a good strategy, and with our comprehensive FUSION method weight loss program we attempt to offer it to you and/or your loved one at an affordable rate.

Obesity and Brain Health

I was fortunate to learn from many mentors: physicians, psychologists, nutritionists, fitness trainers, coaches, scientists and others. One of my favorites is Dr. Daniel Amen MD, who wrote the blockbuster book, a multiple New York Times  bestseller: "Change Your Brain, Change your Life" - as well as the Daniel Plan for Weight Loss and has done groundbreaking research on brain imaging related to behavior. This research has led to the development of truly amazing and life-changing educational courses (check them out here)

It is true: We need to consider the physical functioning of the brain - and all 5 dimensions of health influence the brain structure and function - to be able to successfully eliminate most or all root causes of obesity and finally lose all the weight we need to feel great and stay well.

Logo 01 transp outer no text 4

The overall functioning of your brain determines the quality of your decisions and these in turn determine your success in weight loss, relationships, life and work.

Most of us are not aware,  that every moment, by everything you do, you are changing your brain – and changing your life – for the better or the worse...?

Neuroplasticity does not mean some abstract, complicated or weird process, but it means that your brain adapts to all you do and changes itself constantly.

So Here Is The Good News:

You Are In Control Of Your Brain And Your Life

If you eat a donut, your brain changes. If you choose a salad, your brain changes again.

Your choices in all areas determine the trajectory of your life – for the better or the worse.

Only if we address and solve issues in all 5 Dimensions of Health and Wellness – and really, life as a whole, can we be successful in life – whatever success may mean to us.

We need to strategically achieve 5D Wellness, find the true root causes of your extra pounds accumulating, then address all issues in each of those areas.

Not just try this approach, try that – whatever we see on google, what’s “in” in our circle, what our busy eye spots in a magazine or what a friend or colleague tells us “will work”.

How Fusion - the novel holistic weight loss Method helps with Emotional Eating

Most people who suffer with chronic obesity, are yoyo dieters or just can't control their eating, are emotional eaters or stress eaters, which means that they try to soothe their unpleasant feelings or emotional pain with food.

I myself fell into this category, and while many of us occasionally eat to numb an unpleasant feeling or use candy or other "comfort foods" for emotional comfort, if this is a habit, or worse, a necessity, or food addiction, it leads to unwanted negative consequences.

Often, a deep-seated trauma (or several), sometimes stemming from childhood adverse events (ACEs), are the root cause, and many obese women (and men) can't keep the weight off until the post-traumatic stress and resulting emotional eating are resolved.

In our soulful FUSION method weight loss program we use Havening Techniques®, a gentle and kind psychosensory method rooted in neuroscience, to remove the persistent emotional stress and pain from past traumatic events and so, sometimes in just a few sessions, integrate (or fuse) the physical and emotional side of us and re-connect body, mind and soul and achieve lasting inner peace, harmony and weight loss success.

You may have read about my way of classifying the root causes of obesity (and many other chronic conditions) before, but here is a recap: 

The Root Causes of Obesity are Found in

the 5 Dimensions of Health...

Click on one of the Tabs to see more about each dimension...

  • Physical

  • Mental

  • Spiritual

  • Social

  • Financial

Physical Health

This is our physical body, the organ systems, the mechanical part, biochemistry, physics, anatomy, physiology, and more.

Examples are:

  • Nutrition, food, Cooking habits
  • Nutritional Supplements, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Spices, Enzymes, fats, Proteins,
  • Lab Testing (Blood, urine, Hair, saliva...)
  • Other Testing/Imaging
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Genetic Risk
  • Hormones
  • Medications
  • Brain Injuries/Trauma
  • Clothes, shelter, Environment, Temperature
  • Physical Needs
  • When you consider the complexity of obesity, food, nutrition, eating habits and life, it is obvious that a one-size-fits all approach will not truly help overweight people lose weight, keep it off and thrive.

    There is no ONE-Size-fits-all-approach to Holistic Weight Loss success

    You probably noticed by now that there can be no one approach that fits everyone who is overweight.

    And this is exactly the reason why we devised a highly individualized strategy and support system for people that want to lose weight. 

    We call this the FUSION method of weight loss success, since it helps to integrate, connect and fuse body, mind and soul to achieve holistic healing with a fusion of methods from

    • physical health (body medicine, like nutrition, movement, supplementation), 
    • mental and emotional health (mindset shifts, psychology, therapeutic touch, mindfulness)
    • spiritual health (purpose (logotherapy), connection to a deeper, spiritual source
    • social health (forming connections and lasting friendships in a group of likeminded individuals)
    • financial health (by providing methods and training to earn a living and train as a life or health coach, if desired)

    When you join our FUSION program, you will not only get one of the best coaching programs currently available online, but also the care and support - and understanding of Dr. Christine Sauer herself, paired with her unique understanding of medicine, science, nutrition, exercise physiology, metabolic biology, mental health, weight loss - and with deep "lived" personal experience.

    Together, success is inevitable. The timing and execution are different, as each individual is different.

    How Does the FUSION - Holistic Weight Loss Method and Program Work? -

    How to Lose Weight and Keep it off Forever

    This Program rests on the 4 Pillars of Lasting, Brain-Driven Weight Loss. Let me Explain.

    Key/Pillar #1 to Lasting Weight Loss - The Willpower Solution - Mindset Hacks

    Breakdown of Pillar 1: Mindset Hacks

    Key to lasting brain-driven weight loss:mindset hacks-the willpower solution

    Think Yourself Thin

    • Why The Brain is Like a Car
    • How Your Purpose and Passion will energize your weight loss
    • Why SMART goals fail - and how to start with DUMB goals instead
    Key to lasting brain-driven weight loss:mindset hacks-the willpower solution-think yourself thin

    Master Your Emotions

    • Eliminate Mental Roadblocks and Fear
    • Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway
    • Human Psychology Explained in 10 Seconds
    Key to lasting brain-driven weight loss:mindset hacks-the willpower solution-master your emotions

    Change "Bad" Habits Permanently

    • How Tiny Habits Lead to Lasting Change
    • How The Compound Effect Leads to Lasting Weight Loss Success
    • The Turtle and the Hare - Slow and Steady Wins the Race
    Key to lasting brain-driven weight loss:mindset hacks-the willpower solution-change bad habits permanently

    Eliminate Automatic Negative Thoughts

    • Exterminate the ANT's in your Brain
    • Do the Work - Question Your Thoughts!
    • Change Your Thoughts and Beliefs
    • Journal Purposefully
    Key to lasting brain-driven weight loss:mindset hacks-the willpower solution-eliminate automatic negative thoughts

    Use Neuroscience and Psychology, not Willpower

    • The Peace Process
    • The Instant Miracle
    • Havening Techniques® to Support Weight Loss and Overcome Trauma
    • Conversational Hypnosis
    • Guided Meditation
    • Guided Imagery  
    Key to lasting brain-driven weight loss:mindset hacks-the willpower solution-neuroscience and psychology, not willpower

    Key/Pillar #2 to Lasting Weight Loss - The Diet Solution: Intentional Intuitive Eating (IIE)

    Intentional Intuitive Eating (IIE) could be called the ultimate holistic weight loss diet.

    It is unique as it does not prescribe any special diet, but foods recommended are founded on general principles of conventional nutrition science, dietetics, holistic nutrition, natural agriculture and soil stewardship, respect for our environment and fellow creatures and avoiding food waste.

    This way of eating is also deeply rooted in individual culture, history, genetic background. food preferences and individual nutrition needs, which can be depending on the genetic predisposition vastly different from individual to individual. As Prof. Eran Segal details in his TEDx talk, the same diet can have radically different results for different individuals when it comes to glucose control, which is very important for diabetics, so there is no "Best diet for all humans".

    Our coaching program focuses in the Eating part on satisfaction and pleasure with eating (and avoiding getting addicted to certain foods or overcoming existing food addictions), and on learning coping strategies other than eating to soothe unpleasant emotions.

    In our weight loss coaching program, we also include targeted holistic supplements for weight loss in the context of the 'nutrient orchestra", if necessary.

     Breakdown of Pillar 2: The Diet Solution: Intentional Intuitive Eating (IIE)

    Emotional eating intuitive eating intentional eating dieting food nutrition weight loss diet stress eating

    Eat Foods That "Feel Right"

    • Choose foods that agree with your culture and heritage
    • Use your "gut feeling" for food selection
    • Before eating, ask yourself how you feel about this meal

    Add Intention to Eating

    • Eat mindfully
    • Carefully chew every bite
    • Set your intention before every meal

    Eat with Purpose and Plan, Vary Eating Patterns

    • Have a flexible meal plan
    • Ask yourself: What is the purpose of this meal?
    • Switch it up - vary eating patterns

    Learn About Nutrition and Food Preparation

    • Learn about the effect of ingredients on you
    • Know where your food comes from...
    • Contemplate how to best prepare it to fulfill your purpose for this food

    Train Your Brain to Love the Foods That Love You Back

    • Change your relationship with food
    • Learn to like the foods that agree with you and work for you best
    • Align your food choices with your value system, purpose and cultural heritage

    Key/Pillar #3 to Lasting Weight Loss: The Exercise Solution: Intentional Intuitive Movement (IIM)

     Breakdown of Pillar 3: The Exercise Solution: Intentional Intuitive Movement (IIM)

    Movement-exercise-fitness-weight loss-lifestyle

    Move Like a Thin Person

    • Take every opportunity to move
    • Forgo conveniences more often
    • Observe how other people move and learn from them

    Add Intention to Everyday Movement

    • Be aware and mindful when you are moving or doing "things"
    • Contemplate why you move the way you do (or why you don't move)
    • Watch yourself move and consider ways to improve

    Feel Your Muscles While You Move

    • Feel where in your body muscles move
    • Learn about your body and its muscles and other systems
    • Increase your body awareness - scan and feel your body with intention and intuition

    Activate Your Muscles Consistently

    • Set the intention for muscle activation with added intensity
    • When moving, consciously add activation
    • Enjoy, play and try different  gentle techniques and ways to feel and activate different muscle groups

    Change Movement Patterns - Protect Joints and Bones

    • Learn to protect your bones, tendons and joints while you move
    • Change movement patterns to improve or heal chronic pain
    • Switch it up: Improve balance and prevent falls

    Key/Pillar #4 to Lasting Weight Loss: The Long-Term Mastery Solution: Support

     Breakdown of Pillar 4: The Long-Term Mastery Solution: Support

    Key to lasting brain-driven weight loss: support-help-coaching-group

    Create Your Support System

    • Enroll family members to support you
    • Ask or make friends for added support
    • use paid support options, group programs or coaches for support

    Create Accountability

    • Create a useful metric
    • Track what makes sense
    • Use a support person to hold you accountable

    Surround Yourself With Uplifting People

    • See the potential
    • Avoid judgement
    • Be accountable to your goals and strive towards your potential
    Uplifting people

    Create a Healthier Environment

    • Eliminate distractions
    • Keep it easy
    • Establish healthy boundaries

    Be Patient With Yourself - and Others

    • Go slow and steady
    • Believe that you will succeed
    • Failure is just another step towards future success

    Key Concepts for Lasting Weight Loss

    1. The Metabolic Switch: How to Rev up Your Metabolism for Maximum Energy and Fat-Burning

    Insert Video

    What is the Metabolic Switch?

    Key concepts of lasting weight loss - the metabolic switch-metabolic flexibility-fat burning-carbohydrate burning-metabolism

    2. The Weight - Gut - Brain Connection:  How Gut Health (our Gut Microbiome) and Brain Health Go Together to Support and Maintain Lasting Weight Loss

    3. What is the Weight-Gut-Brain Connection - and What is Bathroom Anxiety?

    Key concepts of lasting weight loss-weight-gut-brain-connection-microbiome-gut health-ibs-irritable bowel-anxiety-inflammation

    In the video above: Key Concepts for Lasting Weight Loss:

    4. The Surprising 3 REAL Root Causes of Obesity

    Insert Video

    In the Video above:

    5. What are the Real Root Causes of Obesity and other Chronic Conditions?

    Key concepts of lasting weight loss -the real root causes of obesity

    What is a Great Coach and How Can they Help with Weight loss?

    About The FUSION Method and the Soulful Nutrition Holistic Weight Loss Coaching Program

    Why the FUSION Method and System and the Soulful Nutrition Weight Loss Program is Superior for Your Lasting Weight Loss Success

    Addresses all Root Causes

    This Program addresses - and helps to solve - all known root causes of obesity in a soulful and holistic way

    Medically Supervised by Founder

    Created and supervised by Dr. Christine Sauer - MD and ND (and much more)

    Long-Term Success

    Designed with lasting weight loss in mind, the standard program duration is 1 year, depending on individual choices and preferences

    Tailored to Your Needs

    Highly individualized, as no weight loss is the same, and no individual person is the same. 

    How It Addresses The 5 Principles of Lasting Weight Loss Success


    Identify Individual Root Causes

    Our Proven and Comprehensive Holistic Health Assessment, Your Individual Health & Life Strategy and Plan, as well as a targeted Supplement Plan are included in the Program


    Initial Rapid Weight Loss

    The First Phase can be rapid weight loss. We use intermittent fasting and other methods as scientifically proven methods to activate your metabolic switch and to safely achieve rapid weight loss


    Lasting Weight Maintenance 

    The combination of our novel and proprietary ways of Eating (IIE), Movement (IIM) and Caring Support leads to lasting weight maintenance and success.


    Qualified Emotional Eating and Mental Health Support

    We provide experienced, qualified, safe and proven support around your mental health, using talk as well as body-mind-soul integration methods like Havening Techniques® for weight loss, (similar to EMDR of EFT (Tapping)) . Whether this means addressing, fear, trauma, depression, attention issues, anxiety or psychiatric medication withdrawal, we work with you to achieve lasting improvements of quality of life with the goal to achieve inner peace, calm, contentedness and greater joy and happiness overall.  We strive for acceptance, non - judgmental attitude, and compassion, love and care towards the individual to alleviate suffering and initiate healing.



    Mindfulness means to live more in the moment, the now, and to appreciate and learn to enjoy the little things in life. Mindfulness and mindful meditation and movement techniques derived from ancient healing arts - like movement and breathing techniques derived from Mindfulness, Yoga, TaiChi and QiGong and several Body Integration Methods are part of our offering and fully integrated in our FUSION method as part of the IIE and IIM Eating and Movement Systems.

    Our Weight Loss Coaching Art and Style

    Our 5D Holistic Weight Loss Coaching Program Combines High-Quality, High-Efficiency Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, Movement Coaching, Brain Health Coaching, Mental Health Coaching

    Like any human-to-human interaction, coaching is a combination of personality, experience, learning and science. At its best, I consider it an art form.

    I have talked about the difference between a great coach, a psychologist or counselor and a psychiatrist before. 

    When it comes to weight loss, watch this video about what we consider great coaching...

    What Does a Great Holistic Weight Loss Coach Do?

    How We Train Your Brain for Lasting Weight Loss Success

    Weight loss doesn't depend primarily on training your body, as some fitness gurus want you to believe. It really depends on the "computer" that regulates and steers all body systems and determines our thoughts, emotions and maybe even our spiritual self. 

    It has been said that a computer cannot be aware of its ultimate being, and that may also be true of our brain as humans.

    Raised in a Christian tradition, I feel a great sense of respect and awe towards our creator, whatever name it is called in your respective tradition and culture. 

    I believe that true love (agape) is the principle that can join humans together and that this universal "spiritual" energy is the ultimate healer, not the physician, coach or other facilitator. 

    As true healers, we are conduits of ultimate love and energy, catalysts of 5-dimensional healing and wellness.

    As the image depicts, there are many things we don't know, and as scientists and humans it is important to nurture this sense of humility and awe and knowing.

    What we know and what we dont know-humility-awe

    We study medical and other sciences, neuroscience, brain health, psychology and philosophy as well as lessons from history and apply the timeless principles learned to train your brain for success.

    We use the ability of the brain to adapt, called neuroplasticity, that can be acessed at any age, to help you love the foods that love you back and start loving movement and exercise, even if you never thought you enjoyed this.  I outlined a 7-step strategy to teach your brain to love exercise - even if you hate it with a passion - here.

    How We Help You with Lasting Goal Achievement

    Most weight loss advice uses SMART goals, goals that are

    • S-Specific
    • M-Measurable
    • A-Attainable
    • R-Realistic and
    • T-Time-Based

    Examples would be: Lose 1-2 lbs of weight per week. This is a classic SMART goal. it seems very reasonable. 

    The problem with SMART goals are that they don't work when we start with them.

    When it comes to Goal Achievement, Our Brain Works Like a Car. Watch in this short video what I mean:

    I developed the DUMB goal method for lasting goal achievement "on steroids". DUMB goal addresses the fact that our brain needs a clear purpose, a reason that is emotionally uplifiting, exciting and appealing, for lasting goal achievement.

    DUMB stands for:

    • D - Dream-Based
    • U-Uplifting
    • M-Method-Based
    • B-Behavior-Driven

    So, in a way, starting with DUMB goals is really SMART...

    7 Steps to Climbing the Mountain of Life

    In a recent online talk and performance on the blu talks stage, I am demonstrating in a playful manner the process of Becoming a Person....

    Watch the video below to see how "Harried Harriette" (starring Maxine Silva) becomes "Sparkling Suzie" - a transformation that was catalyzed by the human mountain guide Luna (starring Dr. Christine Sauer)

    This video was presented as an online blu Talk, the TEDx Talk alternative created by Corey Poirier, "The Speaker Guy". 

    Starring: Luna - Dr. Christine Sauer   Harriette-Suzie - Maxine Silva

    Videography: Kevin Lane

    Like many things in life, this video is imperfect. We choose not to try to achieve perfection on purpose. The secret of life lies in accepting and loving yourself and life as it is - while still striving for growth and learning. So, if you were thinking that we are reading from some script, you are right.

    So if you, too, are imperfect or even feel worthless or your life feels meaningless and without purpose, book a call today and let's talk!

    In summary, our coaching and holistic weight loss program is a great solution for 5D holistic health and holistic weight management for the short and longer term. We are caring weight loss coaches, and the success of our clients is our primary goal.

    What Do you Get with a Purchase of the FUSION method Holistic Weight Loss Coaching Program?

    3-4 Weekly 30-45 min Coaching Sessions/month for 12 months

     Delivered via Zoom Video-Conferencing Software, available as private weight loss coaching or as group weight loss coaching program options

    Monthly Weight Loss Success Mastermind for 12 months

    We Teach Principles of Lasting Weight Loss in an interactive, entertaining and informative way

    5D Holistic Health Assessment and Strategy Plan*

    This will dig into the root causes of any health issues and devise strategies to address them holistically, combining conventional and natural medicine.

    (*optional, not included in all programs)

    Unlimited Email, SMS and Video Coaching for 12 months*

    Get all your questions answered with an personal video within 4-5 work days - as often as you need it.

    (*certain conditions apply, not included in all programs)

    What we will do during our time together

    Fgfl program options and features overview

    How To Become a Participant and Achieve Your Own Lasting Weight Loss and Feel Great Again

    Our Feel-Good-Fat-Loss - 5D Holistic Weight Loss Coaching Program is not free. Besides a financial investment, it also requires some investment in your time, your willingness to change, and your participation.

    To learn more and talk to us about your specific situation and options, we offer a FREE Weight loss Coaching Call. Book your Weight Loss Strategy Call by clicking Here or on the Button below.

    • Dr. Christine will listen to you - so you can tell her what's going on in your health and life
    • We will together:
    • Create a Crystal-Clear Vision of how you ultimately want to look and feel and your natural healthy lifestyle
    • Uncover hidden challenges that are sabotaging your health plans and keeping you fat
    • Create an inspiring 5-step strategic action plan that you can use to transform your current sluggish metabolism (that is keeping you big) into a slim and happy body and to release all the weight you desire while also creating maximum health and brain power  
    • You will leave the session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to have a major breakthrough in your relationship to food, your gut, and your weight loss journey, and start your new life in a healthy and slim body
    Dr. Christine sauer


    • What's The Purpose of the Call?

    • Why DocChristine?

    • Privacy & Safety

    Is This a Sales Conversation?

    To address the elephant ?in the room: Yes, I do this type of work professionally. And I am not here to sell you anything. It’s more important to me to lead with a helping hand ?and be of service to those I can and let the business take care of itself. And if you are interested to work with me, we can talk about this towards the end of the call.

    I already Know that I want to Work with You. Is this call right for me?

    Thanks for your trust and interest.

    If you already know that you want to use me to reach your goals faster and easier, please let me know at the start of the call. As always, we will tailor our conversation to your individual needs.

    Is this really FREE?

    Yes, there is absolutely no obligation - we will have a friendly conversation around your issues.

    We love listening to people's stories.

    And if we both feel that it would make sense to talk about how we could work together, we will do so towards the end of the call.

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    Dr. Christine Sauer MD ND

    "Yes, you really can Lose Weight by switching on your gut-brain connection and re-establish mental health..."

    About Dr. Christine 

    Dr. Christine Sauer is a German-trained Medical Doctor and a Naturopath, as well as a Gastrointestinal Disease Specialist and a Certified Brain and Mental Health Coach, helping people across the world re-establish their gut-brain connection and restoring their mental health and brain health while losing weight.

    After an episode of severe back pain, followed by depression, she nearly lost her own life and brain power to despair and psychiatric medications.

    She dedicated her life and over 40 years of experience to exploring and improving the deep connection between our gut and brain and the root causes for weight loss and mental health issues in 5 dimensions. 

    She is a #1 bestselling author, radio and podcast host and has appeared as guest speaker on summits, videos and in her own events.

    Until now, there has been virtually no useful advice on how to lose weight - and heal your gut, your brain and your mind. Finally, for the first time, you can get real professional advice that actually works – from a trained physician and naturopath – who can see things from a caring, personal perspective.

    If you've been searching for a solution to your expanding gut and shrinking brain power without success, this masterclass is about to change that for you...

    About the Author Dr. Christine Sauer

    Dr. Christine is a German-trained physician and naturopath, living in Canada since 1996.
    She has struggled with her own weight all her life and gained and lost weight, until in 2005 she ended up at 325 lbs,
    Unhappy, unfit and prediabetic, she decided to change. With surgery as her tool, she lost 150 lbs in 2006/7, only to discover that to keep her weight off and become truly confident and happy, she had to change her whole lifestyle.
    Applying all she know and learned to herself, she did so.
    She has kept most of her weight off since then.
    After adding the right supplements, she developed, practiced and used her own brand of meditative movement (IIM-Intentional, Intuitive Movement), a combination of functional fitness, Body-awareness and Tai Chi.
    She did intensive work on her own mindset and negative thoughts and became a Licensed Neuroencoding Specialist with Dr. Joseph McClendon PhD, a certified TEAM therapy therapist with Dr. David Burns MD as as well as a Certified Brain Health Professional with Dr. Daniel Amen MD and a Certified Havening Practitioner® (Drs Ronald and Steven Ruden) (Havening is a psychosensory method developed from EFT and EMDR after neuroscience research showed that including Havening Touch made these processes even more effective).
    She curated the support she needed, did research on nutrition and nutritional supplements and started to use the right nutritional supplements.
    She developed her mindful way of eating "foods you love that love you back" - what she now calls IIE (Intuitive, Intentional Eating) and became an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Life Coach.
    This "Body, Mind and Spirit Transformation" also healed her severe chronic mental illness and depression, allowed her to slowly and deliberately withdraw from all pharmaceutical drugs and medications, and the IIM movement art, Tai Chi practice, Chiropractic care and doing the Foundation exercises healed her chronic back pain.
    Eventually, she experienced the healing and reconnection of her Body, Mind and Soul that she - like so many of us - desire.
    After regaining her own health and rehabilitating her brain health, she now is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience with others.
    She is a #1 bestselling author, TEDx speaker and loving human being.
    In her private life, she experienced the suicide of her first husband, 2 own suicide attempts, and many hospital stays and contacts with our medical system. She is married to her Canadian Husband Mike for over 25 years, and lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, enjoying the East Coast music and the ocean.

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